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What is a smart home?

The vacation you’ve been dreaming about for a long time has finally arrived and you’ve decided to take a family vacation for a week. You have packed your suitcase and set out. You were halfway there; suddenly you had a hunch … Did you unplug the iron? Or was the balcony door well closed? But did you turn on the light of the hall? It is a common precaution we take against thieves to leave a room light on when we will not be home for a long time. When we cannot be home for a long time, our minds always stay at home. Likewise, imagine that you are tired by working in the office all day and looking forward to the end of your shift. Your mind is at your home again… I wish someone would prepare the food for you, heat the house or replace your finished water bottle with a new one, right? smart homes exactly a product of these needs. Our concern for security and our fondness for comfort… So how do they achieve this?

With the rapid advancement of technology, the internet is no longer a tool for us to “search” for something. The Internet has now been integrated into many devices we use in daily life,   keeping these devices up-to-date and connecting them with other devices. Today,   we   can send a video that we take with our smart phone to our  smart TV  over the  internet and watch it. The innovation that has just become widespread but will surround all homes in the near future is that this  ‘mind’  will enter all the devices in our house. Think of a refrigerator that orders itself to the grocery store when food is running low… Or with your  mobile phone. a smart oven that you will manage and prepare your food before you come home… These are the comfort side of the job, and we also need security that we cannot give up. Surely you really don’t intend to go all the way back to unplug that iron?  Imagine being able to easily manage your home’s entire  electrical grid and its connected devices with an app on your smartphone. It takes a few seconds at most to control the iron, no matter how far you are from your home. The possibilities of smart homes are not limited to this, of course; Sensors that warn you when your child goes out on the balcony,  alarms that activate by knowing whether the detected movement is caused by the thief or the cat you left at home , curtains that automatically close when it gets dark or systems that water your flowers when you are away  …

We have reached the technology required by smart homes today. In our country, we come across various examples in new housing projects in big cities. Such a safety and comfort-oriented life may be a luxury for most of us right now. But in the near future  , we can think that the need for smart homes will increase with the decrease of costs and the increase in our quality of life  .

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