Earthquake and Importance of Concrete

What are the Main Causes of Earthquake Damages?

After each earthquake, we are faced with the frightening facts that the buildings are not built in accordance with the regulation, the missing materials are used, the wrong project or the columns are cut for more areas. After the earthquake, we see buildings that have not collapsed but stay sideways, those that are half collapsed, those with only one floor collapsed. There are many factors that cause us to see such images.

The reinforcement and reinforcement work required while creating reinforced concrete is of great importance in terms of durability. Ground studies where the location of the underground layers, their condition, what kind of geological structures they consist of, and the depth of the layers, are analyzed should be carried out. The importance of the correct selection of the carrier system, the quality and type of the reinforcement is also very important. One of the most important factors is the lack of detailed drawings and similar reasons, the lack of design errors, the improper connection of columns and beams, the construction of soft floors (the absence of infill walls on the ground floor of the building or less than the upper floor), the shortness of the columns and lastly one of the most important factors ; the quality of the concrete… All these factors cause the buildings to emerge damaged from the earthquake.

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