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Is All Concrete the Same?

Concrete; It is formed by combining cement, water, chemical additives and sand and similar substances called aggregates in appropriate proportions and conditions. For a renovation in your home, you can actually make your own concrete with the materials you buy from a hardware store or DIY store. Well, if it is so easy to produce concrete, why is there a whole ready mixed concrete industry? Let’s explain it like this:

Whether concrete is produced in ready-mixed concrete facilities or it is made with the facilities at home, it is the same in general appearance. So no matter which concrete you look at, you will see a gray, semi-fluid liquid. However, as you can imagine, the technical features of each concrete differ from each other. First of all, each concrete is separated from each other according to its strength class. These strength classes, which are specified with codes such as C20 , C30 , C40 , are used in the construction of structures with appropriate technical features. In other words, let alone the concrete in your home, even the concrete used in two buildings standing side by side are different from each other in terms of properties. This difference cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor can it be obtained by taking a few ingredients and mixing them randomly.Concrete suitable for the characteristics of the structure to be used can only be produced in computer-controlled laboratories as a result of detailed technological processes.

Another factor that determines the quality is the process of storing the prepared concrete, its transport to the construction site and its application in the construction area. Pouring the concrete into molds, compressing it with vibrators, wrapping the reinforcement, curing and gaining the expected strength is possible with quality workmanship and technical infrastructure in order to achieve the desired level of concrete quality.

You can evaluate the existing concrete in your hand within the framework of daily and small works. However, you can consult experts in the field on serious and demanding issues such as housing and construction.

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