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Apartment with central heating or an apartment with combi?

Heating system is one of the most important criteria when buying a house. When there is a problem with warming, this problem affects our daily life negatively, so we should make our choice carefully and consider this criterion. As an option in heating systems, hold the gas stove, fireplace; There are many heating tools, from electric radiators to floor heating systems. However, central heating systems and combi boiler systems are the most frequently used heating tools especially in big cities . These two systems are mostly compared when buying or renting a house.

The biggest advantage of central systems is that all transactions are carried out by the apartment attendant and the fee is included in the apartment fee. However, the worst part is that it heats your house in vain even when you are not at home . On the other hand, the combi boilers function as a floor heater, allowing you to heat your home whenever you want, as much as you want. However, depending on the brand / model and the square meter of your house, maintenance and operating costs can be high.

As a result, both are systems that have been preferred for years and have advantages over each other. Therefore, when you find a residence that appeals to you, you can choose whether it is a central system or a combi boiler without worrying too much. However, you should not forget that the most important thing is the strength and construction quality of the house you will buy . While asking the seller whether the apartment has a central heating boiler or a centralized system; Ask also the brand and properties of the concrete used . Because research shows that; One of the important factors affecting the strength and service life of a structure is the quality of the concrete and how it is applied.. For this, it is important to question the brand of concrete. In order to question concrete, you do not need to know the technical details of this job. Even just asking the right questions to indicates that you are a conscious user in the eyes of the seller and the manufacturer. This enables the seller and the intermediary organization to guide you more accurately and supports the formation of a building sector with higher standards.

“Which class of concrete was used in this building?”, “Is the class and type of concrete used suitable for a building of this height?” It will be more beneficial for you to ask questions such as these and determine your choice by considering the answers.

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