When Buying Housing

The importance of facade selection when buying a house

When buying a new home, the first question people wonder  is which direction the flat  is facing. In Turkey,  south-facing houses  are preferred due to their abundant sunshine and low heating costs. But if you wish, let’s leave aside this title that we used to draw you to this article. Because the issue is to own a house; There are other issues that are much more important than which direction the circle you buy is facing.  The most important of these is undoubtedly the strength of the house you will live in. You can heat a house facing north by opening the boiler a little more. However,  whatever you do, you cannot save a building that was built without earthquake resistance.  Therefore, when buying a house, your first priority should be the soundness of that house. According to the researches, one of the factors affecting the strength of a structure is the suitability and quality of the concrete used for the structure. It is of  primary importance to use the right grade of concrete in the right construction . On the other hand, considering the construction cost of a building, the cost of the concrete used covers a very small part of it. Therefore, the cost of increasing the class of concrete from C25 to C30 is insignificant considering the risk it will reduce. Again, when we look at it from the same angle; The cost of reinforcement of a building determined to be vulnerable to earthquakes is much higher than the cost of concrete of a structure built using the right grade and high quality concrete from the very beginning. This is why; Living in a high-quality concrete residence is definitely not a luxury.

If you value your life, question the quality of the concrete used when buying a house   Even a few correct questions to the seller create the image of you as a conscious buyer. “Which concrete class was used in building construction?”, “What is the name of the concrete company?”, “Does the concrete company have TSE, ISO 9001 certificates?”  Asking questions such as, will allow the seller to guide you more accurately and contribute to the formation of a building sector with higher standards.


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