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In which district should you buy a house in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a big metropolis. Its population is increasing day by day… In parallel with the increasing population, new housing projects are being built at a rapid pace. It is possible to see new housing projects in every district, in every district. So which one should we choose from all these options? In which district should we buy the house that we consider to live or as an investment?

This question raises many other related questions. What are our priorities when buying a house? Do we want it closer to our work or to our children’s school? How much is our budget? Are we ready to suffer traffic while waiting for the metro that will open in 5 years? It is possible to increase these questions. Finding a house that fits our priorities … But here is another important issue that we mostly forget or ignore. Even if the house you will buy with great sacrifices is in the most popular district of the city, it can add value to its value only as long as it is standing . In other words, the value of the house you buy determines the strength and reliability of its structure before the district it is located in .

At this point, the first question that will come to your mind will be “Which districts are more resistant to earthquakes?”. However , the characteristics of the ground and its suitability for construction are only one of the factors affecting the robustness of a structure . As long as the building is designed and built in accordance with the characteristics of the ground, this situation is pushed to the second plan. The main thing is that the building is built in accordance with the requirements and the ground it is located on , and the use of materials of the right properties and quality . According to many researches, the quality of the concrete used is one of the factors affecting the strength of buildings . The concrete obtained by a company that has proven itself in this field, fit for the properties of the structure, is the most important factor that will affect the strength of the building.

In summary, when buying a house, the transportation facilities of the district where it is located; Be sure to pay attention to its proximity to public transportation vehicles such as the metro, metrobus, and whether there is an urban transformation in the region. But do not forget that the most important thing is the strength of the house in which you will sit, sleep and collect precious memories . Be sure to inquire from which company the concrete used is procured.

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